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Amazon Coupons Plugin

Do you ever know that actually has coupons? I didn’t know till my friend Edwin
told me about it. People love coupons and with Amazon being a sales machine this golden
combination is definitely powerful.

If you are an Amazon affiliate you are 100% allowed to display the coupons on your site but
copying and pasting all these coupons manually and making sure they are all up to date would be
a big nightmare.

What if there is an way to display all the current coupons from Amazon on your site
without any problem and all by uploading one plugin and setting a few settings?

Now you can, thanks to the wizardly of the Amazon Coupon plugin.  Click on the sales image or click on “Get it here” for full details.

Don’t miss out on this great Amazon Coupon plugin while it is available at this reduced price.  Get it here!

Amazon Coupon Plugln

Amazon Coupon Plugln

WpWatermark Plugin + Private Label Rights

WpWatermark Plugin With FULL PLR!

It’s here…

WpWatermark Plugin + Private Label Rights

Click here for the plugin and Private Label Rights

You’ll get the plugin itself, which adds on the fly (automated) watermarks to the images you upload to your blog…

The plugin ALSO brand any or ALL of your PAST images too, AUTOMATICALLY according to your settings!

Get it now!


Almost Forgot:  You’ll also get the salespage itself, full unrestricted source code rights graphics, and PSDs.

You can use it, sell it, give it away,

edit the code, or anything else you want.

Hello world!

I couldn’t wait until I got my site rebuilt to bring you this information.  So while my site is still ugly the information provided below is beautiful.  So while waiting for my new site to appear, enjoy the content below:

I just found out about this new launch of a must have plugin if you are into Amazon sites.  So I am adding it here, even through I haven’t finished the site redesign yet.

In about an hour there is a launch of an Amazon plugin that you might like. It’s called AzonMegaMenu.  I saw a preview of it and it looks really nice.

Have a look at it at :

In the top menu you will see the plugin in action. When you hover over the words you will see the action and just like the other plugins Leo has made before the layout and design is really looking great.

The price for the plugin which includes developers rights is frozen for 48 hours at $11.97

Google loves video, after all they bought youTube.   We all know how much traffic videos can generate, so here’s a new “curator” plugin that can get you as much of your own video (not hosted/owned by youtube) for your blog as you could ever need…

Now there is a plugin that does everything you could wish to make the youtube videos work on your sites to bring you that massive traffic.

This plugin automates more than just the video content though, for example it will automatically generate comments for your blog posts, and a whole bunch of other cool ‘SEO’ automation!

check it out while it’s less than $10…

Just Out     Easy Social Ranker – Dominate + Automate the 3 Biggest Social Networks (Google +, Facebook, Twitter)
I’m sorry I don’t have the time right now to do a complete write on this.  But the sales page is excellent and it is a perfect way to shoot to the top of Google by dominating the Big Three Social Networks.   Click here for details.


And don’t forget to come back in a few days to see my new web site!